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Friday, July 19, 2013

Nik Aziz Knows That PAS Will Lose.

When the rumours that PAS Mursyidul Am Nik Aziz Nik Mat and PAS Vice President Mat Sabu will turn up the the Kuala Besut by election, all PAS members was in the state of frenzy. They expected that the dynamic duo would arrive and campaign in Kampung Nangka in Kuala Besut.

You actually can see that all of the PAS member’s faces are glowing in Kuala Besut yesterday. They were happy to hear that the old coons who can’t even walk are campaigning with Mat Sabu.

It’s a match made in political satire when a Quran bashing old man is paired up side by side with a womanizer.
However, their dream of seeing the pair do their magic did not came true as Nik Aziz on the last minute cancel the event because he is not well. Mat Sabu himself have to transfer his program to another site rather than doing it in the Gong Kedak Air Base.

Only 200 people attended the program. This is a new record as Mat Sabu is known to have called thousands of people to listen to his fake sermon.

It was said before, if any of the PAS branch is in financial needs, they can always call Mat Sabu to come and the collection from his sermons can be used to finance the operation for 2 or 3 month.

That is the myth of the Legendary Liar, Mat Sabu. However, the people of Kuala Besut has put that name to the test, and Mat Sabu failed to obtain the number that he has predicted to come to his sermon.

What we are intrigue is on the problem of Nik Aziz Nik Mat. We all know that he is old and frail, but before this, however, frail or sick, he will never disappoint his fans to speak, at least for 5 minutes. According to his supporter, the “tok guru” aura is important and not what he have to say. Nik Aziz can babble all he wants and his supporters take it all in without any hesitation.

We believe Nik Aziz is having a fever because he knows that PAS will lose in Kuala Besut. Up till now there are no sign that PAS will win in this constituency.

Lagipun bukan mudah nak tukar pendirian orang dalam masa 2 bulan, lainlah kalau BN ada buat benda-benda zalim macam Hitler zaman perang dunia ke dua dulu.  Makan cukup, amal ibadat cukup, apa lagi nak?

It is not hard to change a person’s mind in two months. And BN is doing a pretty good job in taking care of the Kuala Besut people. They can live peacefully, they can work, they can pray, what more do they need?

Korang buatlah apapun, PAS akan kalah sebab calon bukanlah seorang yang beria-ia menjadi wakil rakyat untuk rakyat. You can say anything you want but PAS will lose on this 24th...

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